To Know Death (March 2014)


A bond of friendship is born in the most unlikely of circumstances.  LT. Jason Taylor deploys his grave registration team to Cambodia to search for missing remains from the Vietnam War and meets Munny Sum, a local interpreter there.

Upon unearthing a mass gravesite of over 300 bodies, they gain the ability to ‘Know Death’ before it actually happens.  When the two men return to their homes, Jason walks in on a cheating wife, while Munny finds his family has been murdered.  The two embark on a mission to save people from the brutal murders they see in their near future.


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David Brown grew up around Neon, KY and joined the Army right out of high school.  He spent twenty years in the military and retired as an officer.  He currently works on Redstone Arsenal as a Senior Analyst for the military.

He enjoys hanging out with his wife and three daughters and writing.  He has written five novels to date.

1st Novel, Lost Time:

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2nd Novel, Barter for Life:

3rd Novel, Unconscious Lies:


Whatever time is left over, he spends running, playing volleyball and football…