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***The Hum is based on an actual US Congressional investigation into a strange humming sound being heard in Taos, New Mexico, as well as in other parts of the world.

***Unsolved Mysteries also did a special on the Taos Hum back in 1995.  Hearers claim nose bleeds, severe headaches, and lack of sleep as a result of the humming.

***Synopsis: THE HUM,

In 1993 the town of Taos, New Mexico petitioned Congress to conduct an investigation into the strange humming sound heard by over 1400 of its residents—the source of the hum could not be isolated to any one thing and the investigation was closed.  A thousand miles away, a deputy is murdered and Sheriff Russell Jent discovers a strange connection between the case and a man he put away over ten years prior—nearly 100 murders all have ties to the relatively unknown town of Taos and the strange hum that is heard there.


***David Brown grew up around Neon, KY and joined the Army right out of high school.  He spent twenty years in the military and retired as an officer.  After retiring from the Army, DW Brown started writing Christian Fiction novels.

He enjoys hanging out with his wife and three daughters and writing.  He has written five novels to date.

1st Novel, Lost Time:

Barnes & Noble:  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/lost-time-d-w-brown/1113529414?ean=9780988233324

2nd Novel, Barter for Life:


3rd Novel, Unconscious Lies:




4th novel: To Know Death:


A wicked woman fostering children for the money and locking them inside a small 4 X 8 foot closet.  In order to make room for the next paycheck, she kills and buries the older ones in her backyard.
An evil man getting fat off of human flesh.  He prowls the streets looking for his next meal ticket–the fatter, the better tasting.
A young man raping and murdering young girls for the thrill–his younger brother a witness, but too afraid to do anything about it.
How would our country look if all criminals suddenly turned themselves in? What if they confessed their crimes instead of their innocence?  Would there be a need for prisons?  Two men with the ability to see death before it occurs embark on the dangerous mission of forcing these law breakers into professing their evil doings.


***Whatever time is left over, DW Brown spends running, playing volleyball and football…


2 thoughts on “DW BROWNS BIO

  1. so Proud of you David where can I get a copy of your book or books let me know.
    Love Aunt Mary from Midland,Michigan.

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