HUM Cover***The Hum is based on an actual US Congressional investigation into a strange humming sound being heard in Taos, New Mexico, as well as in other parts of the world.

***Unsolved Mysteries also did a special on the Taos Hum back in 1995.  Hearers claim nose bleeds, severe headaches, and lack of sleep as a result of the humming.

***Synopsis: THE HUM,

In 1993 the town of Taos, New Mexico petitioned Congress to conduct an investigation into the strange humming sound heard by over 1400 of its residents—the source of the hum could not be isolated to any one thing and the investigation was closed.  A thousand miles away, a deputy is murdered and Sheriff Russell Jent discovers a strange connection between the case and a man he put away over ten years prior—nearly 100 murders all have ties to the relatively unknown town of Taos and the strange hum that is heard there.

 Pete Lawson doesn’t even realize he’s in a coma.  Why would he?  He’s still in his own home, his own bed, and he even sees his wife almost every day.  But not everything is normal–take for instance, the strange group of people now inhabiting his home.  Why won’t they answer him?  Why won’t his wife even acknowledge him?  And the biggest question on Pete’s mind: Did I really kill all of those people?Unconscious_LIESEdit Barter Cover - Copy

Parents trading their own children for earthly pleasures, an evil ruler who will stop at nothing to get what is owed him, and a young boy caught in the middle…

Donny Milton suffers through a 10 year coma only to come out of it and learn that his parents bartered his life away to the Dark One, Kione.  His listens as his own mother tells him that she ‘used to’ love him.

Lost Cover

LOST TIME….Available today at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon

90 lost minutes, a bag with bloody gloves, a knife, and a huge sum of
money send Bryan Flemings life spiraling out of control. Did he do the
unthinkable? Did he go to the police? You’ll have to wait until the
fall to find out…


  1. Great news David. Congratulations, and looking forward to reading your book.
    Sonia and the girls are sure to be thrilled and very proud. Blessings to all.

  2. Rog Kitchen, Jr’s mom sent me the url for your book!! As a book-a-holic I’m into many genres. I will put in a request for your book at our local library to have them purchase it for our stacks.

    Congratulations on getting published. Blessings,

    Debby Joy

  3. Marcie F recommended reading this and it sounds so exciting I can hardly wait. Will you be doing andy book signings in Missouri? I sure hope to meet with you.

  4. David, thank you for sending the McEwen Library two copies of your new book, “Lost Time.” We have added both copies to our collection. We also did a little in-house promo with your bio info. I’m happy to tell you that both books have been checked out. Folks in the North Country are reading your book!

    Best Wishes
    Allen Goudie
    Administrative Librarian
    McEwen Library
    Fort Drum, New York

  5. Just finished the book I bought from you yesterday. It was a great read, I couldn’t put it down! Hope to see you selling the next one so that I can pick it up as well. Glad to have found a new author to read.

  6. I purchased your book today, and have not been able to put it down since. Thanks for signing it too! It was very nice meeting you today at Barns and Nobles. I can’t wait to read any other books you may have written. I am also speading the word about you!

  7. I reside in Huntsville; wife works on Arsenal. Would love to talk with you about us possibly adapting novel(s) to screen. Some terrific concepts! We should talk- you have the email. Best of luck and keep writing!

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