Barnes and NobleChristian Fiction author David Brown was born in Whitesburg, Kentucky. He
joined the military right after graduating from high school, and served twenty
years there. During his time in the military, he deployed to Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Kwajalein Atoll, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The military gave him a great start in a life,
and he hopes to continue his writing success in the future.

He has a beautiful wife and three great girls.  After traveling all over the world in the military, being around the genuine people in the Alabama area was exactly what he was looking for.

With five books complete and Lost Time, Barter for Life, Unconscious Lies, and To Know Death currently in stores, he’s very excited to see where it takes him. It’s a huge blessing for others to read his writing. His goal is and always will be to bring readers something new and exciting to read.